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About Us


Impact Metal Parts Pvt Ltd is in metal forging all the way since 1986. We Spin, Deep Draw, Reverse Draw, Ironing, Impact Extrusion, Cold Forging, Melting, Casting, Hot & Cold Rolling, Punching, Annealing, Designing Tools, Development of Components and Production. Aluminium is Lightweight, Durable, Ductile & Corrosion-resistant.

Impact Metal Parts Pvt Ltd has completed 30 years of service to farming community, by offering seamless Aluminium Bottles for packing liquid pesticides. The company is in the good books of global players like Syngenta, Aventis, Bayer, BASF to name a few, with its ISO-9001 accreditation. The sales of this product stood at Rs.30 Crores and now poised to reach Rs.50 Crores per year with the re-location of plant of Bhubaneswar to Baroda, the heart of Chemical Zone. Our Aluminium Bottles are exported to Middle East, South East and Europe previously. Now the company is making all the efforts to export these bottles into USA and other markets consolidating its position as leader in this particular segment of rigid containers, capacitor housings and non-ferrous cold forgings.